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Commercial Operations


The diversity of rotory-wing and fixed-wing aircraft allows us to provide our customers with just the right tool for their flight or project.

Apex Helicopters is an “On-Demand” air taxi operator. This means that a customer can charter an aircraft with a simple phone call or email and after a proper business agreement and dispatch process, have that aircraft working for them in a timely manner.

We are based in Florence, Oregon. However our authorization with the FAA allows us to operate in the 48 contiguous states and Alaska. The nature of aviation dictates that we go where our customers need us.

We are able to accommodate short term and long-term projects as our customers dictate. Whether you need a short 25 minute photo shoot over a subject downtown or a 6 month exclusively contracted aircraft, crew and support equipment in the far reaches of Alaska, Apex Helicopters works with you to make it happen.



The worry about not being able to find an aircraft at the last minute is stressful. Knowing that you have an exclusively contracted aircraft at your disposal allows you to focus on your specific job at hand and allows you to have peace of mind.

We provide our customers with upfront bidding practices and proactive services from start to finish. Effective communication and reliability while staying on budget and schedule is imperative to great customer service.

When talking with us about a long term contract for your project, we will walk through all the necessary details before the project begins so as to “weed out” all the unknowns that can potentially delay your schedule or create an “over budget” situation.

Apex Helicopters prides itself in being highly conscientious of our customer needs as well as adaptive to their ever-changing environment and objectives during their project.